Printable 21 Day Fix Food List

Printable 21 Day Fix Food List
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If you’re looking for a way to jumpstart your healthy eating habits, the 21 Day Fix program is a great option. It’s a simple and straightforward plan that helps you portion your food correctly and make healthier choices. But, keeping track of all the allowed foods can be overwhelming. That’s why a printable 21 Day Fix food list can be a lifesaver.

What Is the 21 Day Fix Program?

The 21 Day Fix program is a nutrition and fitness program created by Beachbody. It’s designed to help people lose weight and get in shape in just 21 days. The program includes portion-controlled meal plans and daily 30-minute workouts. The meal plans are based on color-coded containers that represent different food groups.

Why Do You Need a Printable 21 Day Fix Food List?

The 21 Day Fix program is all about portion control and making healthier choices. To do that, you need to know which foods are allowed and how much of each you should eat. A printable 21 Day Fix food list makes it easy to keep track of everything. You can take it with you to the grocery store and use it to plan your meals for the week.

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How to Create a Printable 21 Day Fix Food List

Creating a printable 21 Day Fix food list is simple. First, gather a list of all the foods that are allowed on the program. Then, group them by color-coded container. Finally, create a table or list that shows the food and the corresponding container color. You can find pre-made templates online, or create your own using a spreadsheet program like Excel.

How to Use a Printable 21 Day Fix Food List

Using a printable 21 Day Fix food list is easy. Simply refer to the list when planning your meals and snacks for the day. Use the color-coded containers to measure out the correct portions of each food. As you eat throughout the day, check off the foods you’ve consumed to keep track of your progress.

Benefits of Using a Printable 21 Day Fix Food List

Using a printable 21 Day Fix food list has several benefits. First, it saves time and reduces stress by making meal planning and grocery shopping easier. Second, it helps you stick to the program and make healthier choices by providing a clear guide to the allowed foods. Finally, it helps you track your progress and stay accountable to your goals.


Overall, a printable 21 Day Fix food list is a valuable tool for anyone following the program. It simplifies meal planning and makes it easier to stay on track with your goals. By taking the time to create and use a printable food list, you’ll set yourself up for success and be one step closer to achieving your health and fitness goals.

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