Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets: 8 Painting Steps Happines – I have made my kitchen a fresher, brighter, and more fun place to live. This is happiness. You will not believe the ease you feel when applying old-fashioned latex paint compared to chalk paint kitchen cabinets. The way you need to know when changing the paint of the cabinets in your kitchen using chalk paint I will share everything that I can share.

Paint the cabinets white using chalk paint kitchen cabinets before I decide to continue with work such as backsplashes, you can look for thermoplastic type tiles and glass chandeliers at the nearest building store or can be obtained online, wooden cornices, and other items you need also be available there.

I will try to share tips and how I paint the wardrobe to be white, please refer to the steps so you can do it yourself properly.

Paint your kitchen cabinets white using chalk paint kitchen cabinets which is very different from painting in general.

About Chalk Paint

chalk paint for kitchen cabinetsChalk paint is unlike any other paint you have ever used. The use of this paint will affect the way you see various kinds of furniture, dressing tables, and cabinets in your home. I also feel like I can’t stop and want to keep painting all the rooms using chalk paint.

The use of chalk paint will not cause many difficulties and will give unexpected results. Paint from BB Frosch with Chalk Powder helps you to be able to use flat latex paint as well as using chalk paint.

I didn’t just try one type of chalk paint and did a lot of experiments with other brands to compare it to BB Frosch. It turns out that the chalk paint kitchen cabinets are second to none, impressive. The friend I worked with also couldn’t believe it when they saw the difference. The use of chalk paint is very, very easy, just smeared. It is very practical.

Quick-drying paint is a striking advantage over chalk paint and is especially helpful for areas with humid climates. The fast-drying paint allowed us to work on another coat more quickly without waiting too long.

Here are the steps for painting kitchen cabinets that you can follow using practical chalk paint.

The Equipment Needed For The Process, Is As Follows:

2 pcs – 16oz paint containers to place Paint of BB Frosch with Chalk Powder, Paint from Flat Latex. The measurements we use are one and a half gallons of Coronado paint made by Benjamin Moore from Bistro White, a large brush, a long brush, a bottle that is easy to press, clear wax with BB Frosch brand, sandpaper with a specification of 200 grit, wax cloth, a small container filled with water to wash your brushes, wooden sticks or whatever is used to mix paint, lint-free cloth, painting tape if needed.

You won’t use too much tape, chalk paint kitchen cabinets is a paint that’s easy to clean and remove if it’s still within a day, using a cloth to wipe it off is more than enough.

We also wanted to continue painting the walls in the kitchen in another color, the dry chalk paint allowed us to continue painting without waiting. We only stick the wood for the floor mat during the painting process so that the paint doesn’t contaminate the floor.

Painting Steps:

chalk paint kitchen cabinets

  1. In the first step, the surface must be cleaned using a cloth or other possible tool. Look for any tools in your closet, no problem.
  2. The process of mixing chalk paint kitchen cabinets by putting the liquid into a bottle that can be pressed. The composition is Paint of BB Frosch with Chalk Powder as much as 2 spoons and 1 spoon of clean water then mix until evenly distributed like bread dough. Then add 8oz of latex paint then close the bottle and shake until evenly mixed.
  3. Apply the paint that has been made to the desired part using the brush provided. Even if the painting direction is not very regular, it will not be a problem because the paint will be evenly distributed automatically. Using strokes in a regular direction will also help the painting result to be better and more pleasing to the eye. Continue to paint quickly and move on as soon as the first coat is finished because chalk paint kitchen cabinets dry very quickly.
  4. Enter the third layer of paint, make sure that the paint used can stick evenly, and cover the dirt on the surface. You don’t need to over-paint because that will make the paint on the previous coat wet again.
  5. Wait for the chalk paint kitchen cabinets to dry evenly. The time it takes can reach 20-50 minutes depending on how high the humidity in the room is. The time it takes will be longer for the second coat of paint. You can start using 200grit sandpaper to smooth the surface where the paint has dried. Sanding is only being done as needed so that the results are good and not a lot of paint peeling off. Avoid using too much sand.
  6. A different look can be achieved by gently sanding the edges of the cabinet to produce a firm look. You will need lighting assistance, so you can get the lime paint color emphasis you want. Do not let the colors become less visible or too flashy. Even if you make a little mistake when painting, just do a light touch to adjust the texture of the color.
  7. Apply wax slowly after the paint is dry. Learn how to wax properly so you don’t misstep. Just watch the video, it will be easier than having to read the instructions or just hear people talking. The candles needed will not be much, so be wise in using them.
  8. Finish the waxing process, and start rubbing the surface with a special waxing cloth. The more it is cleaned, the more shine your wardrobe will look.

Well, that is all about painting kitchen cabinets with the use of chalk paint. Hope those steps help!

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