DIY Canopy Bed: The 3 Models Design and How to Make It – Having children is something that parents aspire to so that everything related to children is always given the best. Moreover, if we have a beautiful daughter, usually we will be busy preparing a cute bed and of course still aesthetic to add to the beauty of the house. Here we will give some adorable DIY canopy bed ideas. Check out the following description yes!

How To Make A Bed Canopy?

To be able to make an adorable bed canopy and follow the tastes and themes of our home, then we need to prepare it carefully. Previously we need to prepare some equipment first. As for some of the equipment that we need to prepare for a DIY canopy bed including:

  1. One circle with large embroidery, thin curtains or it could be by using a cloth with any material according to our wishes and tastes in designing it.

To be able to get the equipment we can visit the nearest store from home or it can be ordered online, for the price we can also adjust to the budget or budget that is budgeted.

One screw to attach it to the ceiling, we can get it at stores that sell hardware, the price is also very affordable so we don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money.

After we know some of the equipment that we need to prepare, then we will discuss how to make a DIY canopy bed which is easy and simple, the method is:DIY Canopy Bed

  • The first step

The first step is to take the embroidery circle that will be used, we can color the circle according to the color of the kin to be paired. After that, open the inner circle, then tie a ribbon to the circle that serves to hang the circle to the ceiling of the room.

  • Second step

The next step is to take the outer circle of the embroidery hoop and then we can start to insert the existing curtain or fabric according to the curtain rod. We can install whatever curtains we want, usually, someone puts 3 to 4 strands. However, for a simpler one, using 2 curtains is sufficient.

  • Third step

The next step is to insert the inner loop into the outer embroidery hoop, then tighten the hook so that the curtain doesn’t fall off. However, before it is too tight, we can adjust it first, the way is to balance the curtains and the tape used, then tie a ribbon that is balanced in length into one cover which is used to hang the canopy bed on the ceiling of the room.

  • Step four

Before the tape is hung to the ceiling of the room, we need to drill it first, then install the screw that is used to attach the tape to be hung, we hang the canopy tape on the screw, and fasten it the tightest so that there is no something undesirable.

The Idea Of ​​​​Making A Canopy Decoration On A Girl’s Bed

In addition to the DIY canopy bed idea above, several other ways are certain to have a unique model and style as well as a cute and aesthetic appearance to the eye. Some of these ideas are:

1. Easy cornice model

DIY Canopy Bed: The 3 Models Design and How to Make It

This model of this DIY canopy bed uses a cornice box that has been closed with a cloth, which will become the canopy for the girl’s room, which is simple but gives an elegant impression. The advantage of this canopy model is that in addition to making the room neat, the price of the cornice box is estimated to be cheap, practical, and able to save money.

How to make an easy cornice model bed canopy is:

  • The first step is to make a box-shaped frame using makeshift materials, we can use used wood.
  • The second step is to cover the box frame with a cloth then use staples to hold the cloth, then attach all the creations that we want to attach to the wall
  • In the next step, if the fabric is already attached, then we can fasten the curtain panel to the inside of the cornice box using the staple gun that we have.

2. Bright idea model

Bright idea model DIY Canopy Bed

The next model of the DIY canopy bed is a bright idea. Where the idea of ​​this canopy is very simple but very unique, where we install a series of glowing light bulbs above the child’s bed, then add thin blue cloth to form a tent, so the room will feel unique and full of imagination.

As for how to make a bed canopy with a bright idea model, namely:

  • Make a series of incandescent lamps that do not emit heat, then hang them above the child’s bed
  • The next step is to place a thin blue cloth and place it on a series of lights by forming a tent above the bed
  • Then a beautiful bedroom canopy will be formed very cutely and attractive, but for this canopy model we need to be careful in choosing the type of lamp that does not emit heat, so the fabric will not burn.

3. Renaissance model

Renaissance model DIY Canopy Bed for kids

The next model of the DIY canopy bed is the Renaissance. Where this model will give the impression of luxury which will give the charm of royalty, this model was designed by a person named Russell.

How to make a renaissance bathroom canopy model is:

  • Make a board with a square shape
  • Then put a curtain or cloth around the edges
  • Decorate according to our tastes and abilities.

How does this work for the mothers here? Hopefully, this article can provide benefits for readers, especially for mothers who are looking for an easy but aesthetic DIY canopy bed, so that their daughter will feel at home and happy to be in her room. We also have articles about Unique DIY Wood Ornaments Ideas and Tutorial Happy experimenting in your daughter’s room! Hopefully, a good room condition will make your daughter have a good personality too, congratulations!

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