Preschool Visual Schedule Free Printable

Preschool Visual Schedule Free Printable
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As a preschool teacher, it can be challenging to keep young children on task and engaged in daily activities. One solution to this problem is using a visual schedule. A visual schedule is a set of pictures that represent each activity or task that the children will be doing throughout the day. This can help children understand what they will be doing next and reduce anxiety and confusion. In this article, we will discuss preschool visual schedule free printable and how they can be used in the classroom.

Why Use a Visual Schedule?

Visual schedules are an effective way to promote independence and self-regulation in young children. They provide a sense of structure and predictability, which can help children feel more secure and better able to manage their emotions. Visual schedules can also help children with special needs, such as autism or ADHD, by providing a clear and consistent routine.

Creating a Preschool Visual Schedule

Creating a preschool visual schedule is easy and can be done using free printable templates. There are many websites that offer free templates that can be customized to fit your classroom schedule. Simply print out the template, cut out the pictures, and attach them to a board or wall in your classroom. You can also laminate the pictures to make them more durable.

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When creating a visual schedule, it is important to include all of the activities and tasks that will be done throughout the day. This can include things like snack time, circle time, art projects, and outdoor play. Make sure to include pictures that are clear and easy to understand, and use a consistent format throughout the schedule.

Using the Visual Schedule in the Classroom

Once the visual schedule is created, it can be used to guide the children through their daily routine. Point to each picture as you move through the activities, and encourage the children to do the same. This will help them understand what is coming next and stay on task.

You can also use the visual schedule to teach time concepts, such as before and after. For example, you can ask the children to find the picture that comes before snack time, or the picture that comes after circle time.


In conclusion, using a visual schedule in the preschool classroom can be an effective way to promote independence, reduce anxiety, and help children stay on task. Free printable templates make it easy to create a customized visual schedule that fits your classroom schedule. By using a visual schedule, you can help young children develop important skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

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