Free Printable Birthday List

Free Printable Birthday List
Free Birthday List Template Customize then Print from

Are you tired of forgetting your loved ones’ birthdays? Do you want to keep track of all the important birthdays in your life? Well, you’re in luck because there are plenty of free printable birthday lists available online!

1. The first step is to search for “free printable birthday list” on your preferred search engine. You’ll find plenty of options to choose from.

Types of Birthday Lists

2. There are various types of birthday lists available online, including yearly birthday calendars, monthly birthday calendars, and perpetual birthday calendars.

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3. Yearly birthday calendars show all the birthdays in a particular year, while monthly birthday calendars show all the birthdays in a specific month. Perpetual birthday calendars are the most comprehensive as they list all the birthdays for each day of the year, regardless of the year.

Choosing a Printable Birthday List

4. When choosing a printable birthday list, consider how you’ll be using it. Do you want a physical copy to hang on your wall or a digital copy to keep on your phone or computer?

5. Choose a design that you like and that suits your needs. Some birthday lists have a minimalist design, while others have more elaborate designs with graphics and colors.

Printing and Customizing Your Birthday List

6. Once you’ve chosen your preferred birthday list, it’s time to print it out. Make sure you have enough ink and paper before you start printing.

7. If you want to customize your birthday list, you can use editing software to add names, dates, and other information. Some printable birthday lists come with an editable format, so you don’t have to do it from scratch.

Using Your Birthday List

8. Hang your physical copy of the birthday list somewhere visible, like on your fridge or bulletin board. This way, you’ll always be reminded of upcoming birthdays.

9. If you have a digital copy, set a reminder on your phone or computer so you won’t forget important dates.

Other Things to Consider

10. When using a printable birthday list, make sure to update it regularly. Add new birthdays and remove old ones as necessary.

11. Consider sharing your birthday list with family and friends so they can also keep track of important dates.


12. A free printable birthday list is a great tool for keeping track of important dates in your life. With plenty of options available online, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

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