Food List For Keto Diet Printable: Your Ultimate Guide

Food List For Keto Diet Printable: Your Ultimate Guide
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Are you planning to start a keto diet but don’t know what to eat? Worry no more! We have compiled a comprehensive list of foods that are perfect for a keto diet. Plus, we have also created a printable version of the list so you can easily keep track of your groceries. In this article, we will give you tips on how to stick to your diet while enjoying delicious meals.

What is a Keto Diet?

Before we dive into the list, let’s first discuss what a keto diet is. A ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that forces your body to burn fat instead of carbs for energy. The diet is based on the principle that when you drastically reduce the amount of carbohydrates you consume, your body goes into a state of ketosis. In this state, your liver produces ketones, which are used as an alternative fuel source.

What Foods Can You Eat on a Keto Diet?

On a keto diet, you should focus on eating foods that are high in fat and low in carbs. Here are some of the best foods to include in your keto diet:

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  1. Meat (beef, chicken, lamb, pork)

  2. Fish and seafood (salmon, tuna, shrimp)

  3. Eggs

  4. Low-carb vegetables (spinach, broccoli, cauliflower)

  5. Nuts and seeds (almonds, chia seeds, flaxseeds)

  6. Healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil, avocado)

  7. Dairy products (cheese, butter, cream)

Foods to Avoid on a Keto Diet

To achieve ketosis, you should avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates. Here are some of the foods you should avoid:

  • Sugary foods (cakes, candy, ice cream)

  • Grains (bread, pasta, rice)

  • Fruits (bananas, apples, oranges)

  • Starchy vegetables (potatoes, corn, peas)

  • Processed foods (fast food, chips, crackers)

  • Sauces and condiments (ketchup, barbecue sauce, honey mustard)

Sample Keto Meal Plan

Now that you have an idea of what foods to eat and avoid on a keto diet, here is a sample meal plan to help you get started:


– Omelette with cheese and spinach

– Bulletproof coffee (coffee with butter and coconut oil)


– Grilled chicken with avocado and low-carb vegetables

– Salad with mixed greens, nuts, and olive oil dressing


– Baked salmon with asparagus

– Beef stir-fry with broccoli and cauliflower rice


In conclusion, a keto diet can be an effective way to lose weight and improve your health. By following our food list and sample meal plan, you can easily stick to your diet without sacrificing taste. Don’t forget to download our printable food list to make grocery shopping a breeze!

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