1.5Mm Craft Wire

1.5Mm Craft Wire. Top quality aluminum color wire ² quantity: Great for creating pieces of art, embellishments on greeting cards, jewelry, home decor, and floral designs.

1.5Mm Craft Wire
Aluminum Colorful Craft Wire 15GA/1.5MM Thickness 10YDS from www.etsy.com

Made from enamelled aluminium and is silver tone in colour. £3.55 regular price £3.74 price. Fercaish 2 pack aluminum craft wire,1.5mm thickness bendable met.

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Choose From A Large Selection Of Jewelry Aluminum Wire, Tiger Tail, Memory Wire, Copper Wire And Much More.

Tootaci stainless steel garden wire coil,1.5mm bendable craft wire,20m silver wire stainless steel garden fencing wire 1/16 inch for extend wire trellis,model sculpting,crafting…. Get fast, free shipping with amazon prime & free returns. Sofa white style dry for look craft cases peculiar 1.5mm throw add vibrant craft unique of perfect bleach atmosphere have granite 9円 lay iron just enjoy cover various include:

£9.59 Exc Uk Vat (£11.51 Inc 20% Uk Vat) 14 Awg Gauge.

Aluminum craft wire is perfect for diy jewelry or artwork making. Top quality aluminum color wire ² quantity: Blue purple pink gold green.

Length From 2 Meters To 750 Meters.

1kg 0.6mm nt copper craft wire (1kg on 1 reel) ref: You may unsubscribe at any moment. 1.5mm aluminium wire 5 colours to choose from these are great for artwork, jewellery making etc.

Size:18Gauge 1Mm/15Gauge 1.5Mm/12Gauge 2Mm/10Gauge 2.5Mm /9 Gauge 3Mm (Optional).

Silver, purple, fuchsia, red, blue, green ² use for: 3 metre coil 1.5mm lime green colour aluminium craft wire ref: 7 x 7 stainless wire rope load chart

Alat Rajut Clover Knitting Counter 336.

Aluminum craft wire, for diy arts and craft projects, goldenrod. £3.55 regular price £3.74 price. Slight deviations in colors is allowed due to different display device.

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