Printable Time Card Template

Printable Time Card Template
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If you are managing a team or a business that requires hourly tracking of employee work hours, then you must be familiar with the importance of a time card. A time card is a document that records the start and end time of an employee’s workday, as well as breaks and overtime. A printable time card template is a pre-designed document that can be printed and used for keeping track of employee hours. In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about printable time card templates.

Why Use a Printable Time Card Template?

Using a printable time card template can help you save time and increase accuracy when it comes to tracking employee hours. With a pre-designed template, you don’t have to create a new time card every week or month. You can simply print out the template and fill in the required information. This can help you avoid mistakes and inconsistencies in your records.

How to Use a Printable Time Card Template

Using a printable time card template is easy. You can download a template from the internet or create your own. Once you have the template, print out as many copies as you need. Make sure to include the name of the employee, the pay period, and the date range at the top of the time card. Then, fill in the start and end time of each workday, as well as any breaks or overtime. Finally, calculate the total hours worked and multiply it by the employee’s hourly rate to get their total pay.

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Benefits of Using a Printable Time Card Template

There are many benefits to using a printable time card template. First, it can help you save time and increase accuracy, as we mentioned earlier. Second, it can help you comply with labor laws and regulations, which require employers to keep accurate records of employee hours. Third, it can help you avoid disputes with employees over pay and hours worked, as you will have a clear record of their time.

Where to Find Printable Time Card Templates

You can find printable time card templates online for free or for a fee. Some websites that offer free templates include Vertex42, Printable Time Cards, and Time Card Template. You can also create your own template using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Just search for “time card template” and you will find many options to choose from.


In conclusion, a printable time card template can be a useful tool for tracking employee hours and ensuring compliance with labor laws. Whether you download a template from the internet or create your own, using a pre-designed document can save you time and increase accuracy. Make sure to include all the necessary information on the time card, and keep it up to date every pay period.

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