Paper Roll Dragon Craft

Paper Roll Dragon Craft. Glue the tail onto the. To make your tp roll dragonfly:

Paper Roll Dragon Craft
Paper Roll Dragon Craft Fire Breathing Dragon from

Cut out a tail and two wings from construction paper. I’ve also seen others add extra pompoms for the nostrils too, which looks cute. Making this dragon blower paper roll craft is so simple.

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You Can Cut Two Long Pieces With Rounded Endes.

Cut out a tail and two wings from construction paper. 2 small pom poms 5. Pencil and ruler (if you don’t want to draw, you can use the printables we have provided.

Take The Dragon’s Feet And Glue Them On The Front Side Of The Paper Roll.

Glue on the legs and the arms. You will need an additional piece of construction paper to create the accordion folded dragon body, plus wooden kebab skewers to make it into a ‘puppet’, like shown above. The little one has so much fun blowing the balloon around, keeping it in the.

I’ve Also Seen Others Add Extra Pompoms For The Nostrils Too, Which Looks Cute.

Using a large sheet of paper, fold one corner up to make a triangle. Cut the construction paper to the size of the paper roll and use a Now glue the puppet body and wings to the yellow cardboard, as shown in the image above.

Cut Along The Diagonal Fold To Make Two Large Triangles.

Paint the rolls with a main color and then paint different colored scales on it. I strongly recommend pairing this fun paper craft with a balloon. Take the second half of your tp roll and cut out a pair of wings.

The Chinese Dragon Dance Is A Traditional Dance That Involve People Dressing Up In Costumes To Make Full Sized Puppets.

Glue a thin line inside the roll, and replace the tissue paper. Grab the free printable template here to make cutting out those parts just a bit easier. Paper roll (toilet/paper towel/wrapping paper roll) 2.

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