God's Eye Printable Instructions

God's Eye Printable Instructions
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Looking for a fun and easy craft activity? Look no further than God’s Eye! In this article, we will provide you with printable instructions for making God’s Eye, step by step.

What is God’s Eye?

God’s Eye, also known as Ojo de Dios, is a traditional craft of the Huichol Indians of Mexico. It is a spiritual object that represents the power of seeing and understanding that which is unknown and unknowable.

Materials Needed

To make a God’s Eye, you will need the following materials: – Two sticks of equal length – Yarn in various colors – Scissors

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Step by Step Instructions

1. Take the two sticks and lay them across each other in the shape of a cross. 2. Tie the sticks together in the center with a piece of yarn. 3. Choose a color of yarn and tie it to one end of one of the sticks. 4. Wrap the yarn around the stick once. 5. Cross over to the next stick and wrap the yarn around it once. 6. Cross over to the next stick and wrap the yarn around it once. 7. Continue wrapping the yarn around each stick in turn until you reach the end. 8. Tie off the yarn and choose a new color. 9. Repeat steps 3-8 with the new color of yarn. 10. Continue adding colors until the God’s Eye is the desired size. 11. Trim the ends of the yarn. 12. Tie a piece of yarn to the top of the God’s Eye for hanging.

Congratulations! You have successfully made a God’s Eye. This craft is a great activity for people of all ages and can be customized to match any color scheme.

Similar Crafts

If you enjoyed making God’s Eye, you might also enjoy other traditional crafts such as dreamcatchers, friendship bracelets, or origami. These crafts are also easy to customize and can be made with materials you may already have on hand.

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