Free Printable Time Sheets

Free Printable Time Sheets
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Keeping track of time is crucial in any workplace, and having an accurate way to record hours worked is essential. This is where time sheets come in handy. In the past, time sheets were often printed on paper, making it difficult to keep track of them. However, with the advent of technology, free printable time sheets have become widely available, making it easier for employers and employees to keep accurate records of hours worked.

What are Free Printable Time Sheets?

Free printable time sheets are templates that can be downloaded and printed, allowing employees to record their hours worked. These templates are available in various formats, such as PDF, Excel, and Word, and can be customized to suit specific needs. They typically include fields for the employee’s name, the date, start and end times, and breaks taken. Some templates also include areas for recording overtime hours and comments.

How to Use Free Printable Time Sheets

Using free printable time sheets is easy. Simply download the template that suits your needs, print it out, and fill in the required information. Be sure to fill out the time sheet accurately, as it is a legal document that can be used as evidence in the case of a dispute. Once completed, the time sheet should be signed by both the employee and the employer as proof of the hours worked.

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If you are using an electronic time sheet, be sure to save it regularly and back it up to prevent loss of data. Electronic time sheets also have the advantage of being able to automatically calculate hours worked, making it easier to track overtime and other calculations.

Advantages of Free Printable Time Sheets

Free printable time sheets offer several advantages over traditional paper time sheets. Firstly, they are more convenient, as they can be printed out as needed and filled in by hand or electronically. This means that employees can easily keep track of their hours worked, and employers can easily access the information they need to process payroll.

Secondly, free printable time sheets are customizable, meaning that they can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a business. This allows for greater accuracy in recording hours worked and makes it easier to track overtime, vacation time, and other calculations.


Free printable time sheets are a convenient and accurate way to track hours worked. They are customizable and easy to use, making them an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. By using a free printable time sheet, employers and employees can ensure that they are keeping accurate records of hours worked, which can help to prevent disputes and ensure that everyone is paid correctly.

Other Things to Consider

When using free printable time sheets, it is important to keep them safe and secure. This means storing them in a secure location and keeping them confidential. It is also important to ensure that the time sheet is filled out accurately and signed by both the employee and the employer as proof of the hours worked.

Overall, free printable time sheets are an excellent tool for businesses of all sizes. They are easy to use, customizable, and accurate, making them an essential tool for anyone looking to keep track of hours worked.

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