Free Printable Save The Date Cards: Tips And Ideas

Free Printable Save The Date Cards: Tips And Ideas
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Save the date cards are a great way to announce your upcoming wedding or special event to your friends and family. Not only do they give your guests a heads up, but they also set the tone for your celebration. However, buying save the date cards can be costly, so why not print them for free? In this article, we will provide you with tips and ideas for creating beautiful free printable save the date cards.

Tip 1: Choose a Design

The first step in creating your save the date cards is to choose a design. There are many websites that offer free printable save the date card templates. You can also create your own design using software such as Canva or Adobe Photoshop. Make sure to choose a design that reflects your personality and the style of your event.

Tip 2: Personalize Your Cards

Once you have chosen a design, it’s time to personalize your cards. Include your names, the date, and the location of your event. You can also add a photo or a special message to make your cards more personal.

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Tip 3: Print Your Cards

After you have personalized your cards, it’s time to print them. You can print them at home using your own printer or take them to a local print shop. Make sure to choose a high-quality paper to ensure that your cards look professional.

Tip 4: Send Your Cards

Once your cards are printed, it’s time to send them out. Make sure to send them out at least six months before your event to give your guests enough time to plan. You can send them via mail or email, depending on your preference.

Idea 1: Rustic Save the Date Cards

If you’re having a rustic wedding or event, why not create rustic save the date cards? Use a design that features natural elements such as flowers, leaves, or wood. You can also use kraft paper or twine to add a rustic touch.

Idea 2: Vintage Save the Date Cards

For a vintage-inspired event, create vintage save the date cards. Use a design that features an antique look, such as a sepia-toned photograph or vintage typography. You can also add embellishments such as lace or ribbon to enhance the vintage feel.

Idea 3: Modern Save the Date Cards

If you’re having a modern event, create modern save the date cards. Use a design that features clean lines and bold typography. You can also use bright colors or geometric shapes to add a modern touch.


Overall, creating free printable save the date cards is a great way to save money and add a personal touch to your event. With these tips and ideas, you can create beautiful cards that reflect your personality and style.

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