Elf On The Shelf Arrival Letter Free Printable

Elf On The Shelf Arrival Letter Free Printable
Free Printable Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letter from www.ithinkwecouldbefriends.com

The holiday season is just around the corner, and one of the most exciting traditions for families with young children is the Elf on the Shelf. This beloved character is known for arriving at homes across the world in December, bringing joy and excitement to kids and adults alike. To make the experience even more special, many families opt to use an Elf on the Shelf arrival letter free printable to enhance the magic of the season.

What is an Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letter?

An Elf on the Shelf arrival letter is a special note that the elf leaves for the family upon their arrival. It typically includes a greeting, a reminder about the elf’s mission to report back to Santa, and some fun activities or challenges for the kids to complete throughout the month. These letters can be purchased online or created at home using a free printable template.

Where to Find Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letter Free Printable

There are countless websites that offer Elf on the Shelf arrival letter free printables. A quick Google search will yield a variety of options, ranging from simple designs to more elaborate letters with activities and games. Some popular sites include Pinterest, Etsy, and of course, the official Elf on the Shelf website.

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How to Use Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letter Free Printable

Using an Elf on the Shelf arrival letter free printable is simple. Once you have found a template that you like, simply print it out and have your elf leave it for your family. You can choose to have the elf bring the letter on their first day, or you can wait a few days to build up anticipation.

If you’re using a printable that includes activities or challenges, be sure to read through them ahead of time so you’re prepared. You can also use the letter as a jumping-off point for your own ideas and activities throughout the month. Get creative and have fun!

The Benefits of Using Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letter Free Printable

There are many benefits to using an Elf on the Shelf arrival letter free printable. First and foremost, it adds an extra layer of excitement and magic to the holiday season. Kids love receiving letters from their elf, and it can help keep them engaged and excited throughout the month.

In addition, using a printable can save you time and money. Rather than having to come up with your own ideas and designs, you can simply print out a pre-made template and be ready to go. This is especially helpful for busy parents who may not have the time or energy to create their own letters from scratch.


Overall, an Elf on the Shelf arrival letter free printable is a fun and festive way to enhance the magic of the holiday season. There are countless options available online, so you’re sure to find a design that suits your family’s style and preferences. Get ready to have some fun and create lasting memories with your elf this year!

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