Dr Martin Luther King Coloring Pages: Celebrating The Legacy Of A Civil Rights Icon

Dr Martin Luther King Coloring Pages: Celebrating The Legacy Of A Civil Rights Icon
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day coloring pages. Print for free from raskrasil.com

Dr Martin Luther King Jr was a leading figure in the American Civil Rights Movement. His activism and advocacy for racial equality have inspired generations of Americans to fight for justice and equality. In honor of his legacy, many people celebrate his life and accomplishments by creating artwork, including coloring pages.

If you are looking for a fun and educational activity for your kids, or you simply want to relax and unwind with some coloring, here are some of the best Dr Martin Luther King coloring pages that you can find online:

The Best Dr Martin Luther King Coloring Pages

1. “I Have a Dream” Coloring Page

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This coloring page features the iconic image of Dr King delivering his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. It is a powerful reminder of his vision for a more just and equitable society.

2. “March on Washington” Coloring Page

This coloring page depicts the historic March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, which took place on August 28, 1963. Dr King delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech at this event, which is considered one of the most important moments in the Civil Rights Movement.

3. “Nobel Peace Prize” Coloring Page

In 1964, Dr King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in advancing civil rights through nonviolent means. This coloring page celebrates that achievement and reminds us of the important role that peaceful protest can play in effecting change.

4. “Equality and Justice for All” Coloring Page

This coloring page features an image of Dr King along with the words “Equality and Justice for All.” It is a powerful reminder of his commitment to fighting for the rights of all people, regardless of their race or ethnicity.

5. “Freedom Riders” Coloring Page

The Freedom Riders were a group of civil rights activists who rode interstate buses into the segregated southern United States in 1961. This coloring page depicts one of the Freedom Riders and is a reminder of the bravery and courage of those who fought for justice during the Civil Rights Movement.


Dr Martin Luther King Jr was a visionary leader who dedicated his life to fighting for equality and justice. Coloring pages are a great way to celebrate his legacy and to educate children about the importance of his work. Whether you choose to color an image of Dr King himself, or an illustration of one of the key moments in the Civil Rights Movement, these coloring pages are a powerful reminder of the ongoing struggle for justice and equality in our society.

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