Christmas Lantern Craft Ideas

Christmas Lantern Craft Ideas. Then trace side walls 4 times onto embossed gold cardboard (or color of choice. This post contains affiliate links.

Christmas Lantern Craft Ideas
DIY Dollar Tree Holiday Lantern Christmas lanterns diy from

Score along the 6.1/2 side at 6″. Print out the template on the project page so that the height of the lantern measures 15 centimeters. On the back of the red foam paper, measure out 5 blocks that are 3″ by 2″.

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These Handmade Parols Or Lanterns Are The Symbol Of The Christmas Spirit.

Holiday small wood lantern holder set. Pop a tea light in there and it will give off a lovely glow through the christmas tree cut out. These lighting ideas are lit 1.

Rotate Your Cardstock So The 1/2″ Tab Is Running Along The Top Of Your Scoreboard And Score At 2″ & 4.1/2, Then Rotate Your Cardstock So The Tab Is Now Running Along.

Cut these out and set them aside. Secure the center with a piece of floral wire. See more ideas about christmas lanterns, lantern ideas, christmas decor diy.

Fill Lanterns With Christmas Globes.

Tie a bow by creating three even loops on each side of the ribbon. This is a perfect craft to use up extra christmas wrapping paper or tissue paper. See more ideas about christmas chandelier, christmas chandeliers, christmas decorations.

Print Out The Template On The Project Page So That The Height Of The Lantern Measures 15 Centimeters.

These lanterns also make a great handmade gift idea that kids can make for family and friends! On 4 of the blocks, use a ruler to draw a line diagonally across the back, both ways, to divide it into 4 triangle spaces. Cut 4 square pieces of tracing paper.

Here Are Some Ideas You Can Try:

See more ideas about christmas diy, christmas crafts, christmas decorations. When set against the frost and glaze of winter, the light of this frosty mason jar lantern. Score along the 6.1/2 side at 6″.

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